Friday, December 8, 2006

What Stuff Means

I've gotten a few questions as to the meaning of my blog's title. And by "a few," I mean that Naomi asked who "Kyle" is.

"Kyle" is none other than Kyle Gass, the lead guitar player for the Greatest Band in the World TM., Tenacious D. The "me" in question is not me, but rather Jack Black.

To clarify, I've included two YouTube TM. videos from Tenacious D's brilliant HBO series, "Tenacious D." Enjoy.

As for the subtitle, it comes from one translation of the lyrics of the theme song for the Japanese live action adaptation of Sailor Moon. I've uploaded the entire first episode, not because I expect you to watch the whole thing (I'm not a cruel man) but because this is the only video on YouTube TM. that has the particular translation that I have alluded to. The opening credits begin at 1:10, and the alluded lyric appears at 1:37.

Now I like this show. Yet in watching it, I somehow feel Mishima's pain.

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