Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mark Your Calendars. . .

October 9th is the earliest that I can expect to get my damned Pacific Century Scholarship money. After waiting until the 10th of September to officially be registered in my damn classes (I handed my registration form in August) and another two weeks after that to get my scholarship money deposited into my student account (which at least paid my tuition), I will now have to wait another two to three more weeks to transfer the remaining cash from the University to my own bank account.

I'm planning on doing a post on "big-L Libertarianism" pretty soon (right after the post on my research paper ;P), so I guess its fitting that I'm dealing bureaucratic bullshit, esspecially since University bureaucracies (both UNBC and UVic) have given me more trouble than any government office.

Still, there was Student Loans. . .


She said...

Pinochet's ghost... har! I need to be better at re-reading your comment entries. I always just expect people to comment back on mine.

But yeah, I hear you on the whole student loan issue. Are you going to UVic? Or are you at UBC? Anyways, I'm at UVic and frankly I'm disgusted with the administration there. Last year they screwed up my account so badly because they deposited some other student's cheque into my account, then took it out TWICE by accident, all without letting me know. No email, no phonecall. Nothing. -Sigh-

Jeremy K. said...

Re "She"

I'm also guessing you missed my reply in "I see a Red (Chinese) Moon a Risin'" explaining how to find episode of live action Sailor Moon. That's unfortunate, 'cause it really is an amazing show. If you can make it through all 49 episodes I guarantee that you will be immune to all forms of kitch and camp for the rest of your life.

But, yeah, I'm in UNBC. Most of the problems I had during my time at UVic were the result of having to wait weeks for Student Loan documents to be processed, all the while having bills and rent to pay. Still, I was never treated that badly the administration. Holy Christ!

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