Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Blog Surfing

Whenever I sign into Blogger to write another one of my incredibly insightful blog posts, I notice a sort rolling list of blogs which have been updated within the past minute of my logging on, give or take. So I decided to click through some of these random blogs. This is what I found:

Turkish Anti-Israel Islamic Terrorists!

(After thinking about it, I decided not to post the link. I don't wanna endorse these guys. . . or look to whomever is watching like I endorse these guys.)

Some family by the name of Shakespear.

Ceramics and Violinists.


Either a news blog or a porn porn blog.

English language site of someone who appears to a Chinese business student.

The Negro Diaries?

A picture a day.

A site called "Oscar Video" that seems to just link to a streaming video site.


Liberta-- That's Spanish. That's all I can tell.

A porn site.

No link. I'm not linking there. It's boring anyway.

Movie News. In English AND Spanish! They seem to be really interested in a Neil Armstrong movie.


A Swedish(?) website with an English title: Dancing in an Ocean of Roses!

That's MISTER Forex!


Someone who wonders why he's not a failure.

Chinese site, English Language.

Virginia Real Estate. No, really.


His Mobile Blog.

Another turkish one, but this time not radical Islamists.

Someone from Israel.

David Lindsay.

Alright. Enough is enough. I think we can all agree that I have officially wasted your time.


Naomi said...

yes, monumental waste of time. The only blog I checked out was the negro diaries one, and that girl spoke spanish and looked asian, so I was adequately confused.

Jeremy K. said...

So the huge post I wrote about the free electron laser, that's just chopped liver?

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