Friday, December 3, 2010

Because my Mind Sometimes Wanders. . .

Here's my list of hypothetical hipster bands named after the worst episodes of Star Trek ever made:

The Naked Now
Spock's Brain & The Turnabout Intruders
The Sub Rosa
The Royales
Profit and Lace
Take Me Out to the Holosuite feat. The Vic Fontaine Orchestra
William T. Riker & The Shades of Grey
Menage a Troi
A Fistful of Datas
The 37's

And my personal favourite,

The Outrageous Okonas

Actually, I could imagine The Outrageous Okonas as a sort of Austrian Death Machine style concept band, writing Irish punk songs all named after lines from the episode:

"Acting Ensign Wesley Wesley Crusher"
"You're a Droid and I'm Annoyed"
"Tip O'Neil in a Dress"
"The Lieutenant Commanders of Mirth" (Actually, I was considering this as a band name)
"Take My Worf. Please!"
"My Timing is Digital"
"Have You Seen Any Good Looking Computers Lately?"
"Excellent Vision and a Healthy Libido"
"An Easy Room"
"A Monk, a Clone and a Ferengi Decide to Go Bowling Together. . ."
"Mischievous, Irreverent, and Somewhat Brazen"
"Cad, knave, rake, rascal, scoundrel, villain, wild elephant"
"Is That a Woman's Voice I Hear?"

. . . and on and on.

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Naomi said...

haha excellent. I'm happy you went through with this idea.

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