Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tycho Crater Imaged

Remember Selene/Kayuga, that probe Japan sent into lunar orbit? Well, using photographs and altitude measurements taken by the probe, scientists at the Japanese Space Agency have constructed a 3D map of the lunar crater Tycho.

Click here for a video. It's a big file, but it's worth it.

(Thanks Bad Astronomy)


A.J.! said...

Hey, Jeremy!It's A.J., how's it going?

AJ said...

Hey, how's it going?

Jeremy K. said...

Hi A.J.! It's going good!

Of course, this means that someone's actally reading my blog now, so I'll to post something.


A.J. said...

All a part of my horrible plan, of course. So, up for hanging out next week? Maybe some video games or bad movies. Oh, and if you haven't seen Black Sheep, you should and I happen to own it.

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