Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Next Week?

Hi A.J.

I'm going to be pretty busy next week-- I have to attend a committee meeting and give my final presentation for my Octave course. But Friday night or Saturday should be good.

Would it be cool if Naomi came as well?

Oh. . . and for you other people reading this (and A.J. as well):


(It's over twenty minutes long, but its worth it!)


AJ said...

Sweet, sounds good, and of course she can come. How's the 16th sound?

Jeremy K. said...

16th is great.

Question: Do you have a VHS player? I've been getting a hankering to see "Flight of the Navigator" again, but I haven't been able to find it on DVD yet. I do have it on tape though, so if you have a VCR, we could play it there.

AJ said...

Hell yes I have a VCR. What am I, a barbarian? How else would I watch my near complete bond VHS's? Also, I might kill to see Flight Of The Navigator again, so I'm all over that.

Jeremy K. said...


AJ said...

Also, I am ALL for adventuring in the forest before we watch some movies, it'll be awesome. What time should we start with that in mind?

Jeremy K. said...

I was thinking we could pick you up at 11, then we'll get an early lunch and head for the ancient forest. We should be back by no later than 3 pm. Then we'll watch cool 80's movies and then, maybe, go to Tropic Thunder in the evening?

Let me know if that works. Also, what's your address again?

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