Sunday, February 28, 2010

Birthday Blogging

Reasons Why I Should Write a "Happy Birthday" Blog Entry for Naomi #1: It's Naomi's 22nd Birthday Today

. . . well, not really. Your actual, sixth birthday won't come until 2012, as I revealed two years ago. But we'll celebrate today to keep up appearances.

And celebrate we shall, with the greatest birthday present of them all: Star Trek jokes!

First, a few installments of Gazorra's "TNG edits" series:

Next, a few Star Trek "episodes in brief" from Tranchera, like "TNG edits" only a little less weird. The first is particularly fitting:

Some random trek humor. The first is a birthday message from Picard to Gene Roddenberry:

Incidentally, is it weird that I imagine Dr. Tomoe being played by Geroge Takei?


Naomi said...

Best birthday present ever.

A.J. said...

Jeremy, it is never weird to imagine someone played by George Takei. Sometimes I imagine a rendition of Hamlet where George Takei plays all the parts, and it's a part in my mind.

Jeremy K. said...

"Our sometime sister, now our Queen."

- Hamlet, Act I, Scene II

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