Friday, April 30, 2010




The title of this post reads "Ima, nihon-go-go ga dekimasu yo," which in English means "Now, I can do the Nihon-go-go!" In other words, I can now type Japanese script into my computer!

This is pretty exciting for me! With my Japanese classes now finished, and my preparations to travel to Japan now underway (I hope to leave sometime in June), I've been looking for a way both to keep my current Japanese skills fresh and to learn and practice new vocabulary and grammar outside of the classroom. Now that I can type in Japanese, I've decided that I can at least partially acheive both of these ends by writing a daily/weekly/whenever-ly Japanese series, to be titled "ニホンゴゴをしています" or "Nihon-go-go o shiteimasu," i.e. "Doing the Nihon-go-go."

For current readers of this blog, the series will probably not be terribly interesting; even if you can read Japanese, the stuff I'll be writing will be pretty bland daily journal stuff, along with some descriptions of my family, my hometown, etc. . My real hope is that, maybe, a few Japanese speakers will stumble onto this blog and, without realizing that I'm in the midst of destroying one of their national pop culture treasures, decide to help me out.

So, if in the near future you see any blog posts written in Japanese, now you'll now what's going on.

(Alternatively, I could also write an English translation of what I write in Japanese, so that everyone else doesn't feel left out of the loop, and so any Japanese-English bilingual readers can have a better idea of what I'm trying to get across whenever I make mistakes.)

Until next time. . . じゃまた! (See you later!)


Jim Beam said...

All I see are rows of squares. Sorry dude. I guess my browsers is missing some plug ins.

Naomi said...

Sadly, I can't see anything, but I believe in your Japan writing skills.

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