Friday, April 15, 2011

What a way to spend a birthday. . .

Well. . . I'm 28 now. I know that by any objective standard, I'm still a young man, but. . . I guess I'm starting to feel old. For one thing, I don't like modern pop music, and only know about its various more popular figures (Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Taylor Swift) from other people talking about them. . . hell, the only reason I know about the latter two is because of that thing they were involved in that all the influential media people wanted us to believe was a big deal.

(Hey, at least I still hate The Man. . . that makes me young, right? Right? No no, I don't wanna hear about decrepit hippies. My hatred of institutions stems from the fires of youth and nothing else!)

Another thing that makes me feel old? As of this coming July, I'm a college instructor. I've been hired to teach Physics 115, which is basically Physics 12, but more. . . University-y. This means that I'll be serving as the wizened mentor to a bunch of 18-year olds who will end up hating me because I'm now The Man and every young person hates The Man!

I'm. . . The Man?

Oh God.

Seriously, though, teaching Physics 115 is a great opportunity. I've already started writing down a draft version of my notes. In a lot of ways, teaching physics properly is a lot like writing a story. Okay, it's a little like writing a story. Still, I'm treating the notes to Phys 115 like my first novel.

And speaking of stories. . .

I'm at an impasse as far as Sailor Moon is concerned. When I started this whole screenplay idea, I like the idea of taking a revisionist approach to Sailor Moon. Since then, my "revisionism" has taken on a life of its own, to the point that. . .well, maybe I really should just stop calling it Sailor Moon. Maybe I should just start approaching this not as an adaptation but as an original creation that pays obvious tribute to old-school shojo, particularly Sailor Moon.

Maybe I should start calling it Pretty Girl Awesome.

I like it. Catchy, dumb, and reminiscent of shojo titles like Cutey Honey, Pretty Cure and, of course, Pretty Guardian/Pretty Girl Soldier Sailor Moon.

But if I do start treating this more like an original creation (like I should have been anyway. . .) that means I may not be able to keep posting, lest I give too much away. I'll have to think more about that. In any event, it's out there, for anyone who cares.

But wait, you're wondering, what does the title of this blog post have to do with anything you've just written?

Yesterday I invigilated the final exam for Physics 150, the course I've been marking this past semester. University regulations require that I get the exam marked within 72 hours of the invigilation, which means that I have to spend my birthday, and weekend, marking exams.

So, yeah. . . see title.

But, hey, Katsudon! And Source Code! And maybe new socks!

Things are suddenly looking up!

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