Thursday, May 24, 2007

I See a Red (Chinese) Moon a Risin'. . .

Hello, Both of My Readers. . .

This one's gonna be kind of a hodgepodge post-- a bit of world news, a bit of personal news, and a funny video. Because what's Kyle Took a Bullet For Me without a funny video?


Anyway. . . first, a bit of interesting news. It looks like China is planning to put an unmanned spacecraft in lunar orbit by the end of this year. The orbiter's purpose is to take three dimensional images of lunar surface. If successful, the Chinese hope to make an unmanned landing by 2012, with a manned landing to follow at some unspecified date.

I actually really like the idea of a Chinese moon mission. First off, I'm kind of a lapsing space junkie, so any plans to send human beings more than four hundred miles from Earth's surface will automatically peak my interest. Second, I would really love for the Chinese to one-up President Bush and his plans to re-establish a U.S. presence on the Moon. Third, well. . .

She's Sailor Moon! And she's Asian! That can't be a coincidence!

Okay, that was a little off. But what's Kyle Took a Bullet For Me without a blatant allusion to the live action Sailor Moon series?


Anyway. . . The second thing I wanted to mention was that the research paper I co-authored has finally been published. The paper is titled "Quantum Mechanical Versus Semiclassical Tunneling and Decay", and was researched and written by Dr. Mark R.A. Shegelski, Jeff Hynbida, and myself. As I mentioned in my last post, I hope to write a summary of the paper in a future post. For now, if you're actually interested enough to want to read the paper, it's in the June 2007 issue of the American Journal of Phyics, which by now you're likely to find in the UNBC library.

Finally, a video for probably the coolest song I've heard this week. Enjoy!


xoxo said...

Hey! I'm a mystery THIRD reader!

Ooooh! You didn't see that one coming did you.

Thank Naomi's plug on her blog.

Anyhoo. I have one question: Sailor Moon live action series? Where can I watch this? There has to be some free download site somewhere!!

Actually, two questions: This paper of yours on quantum physics -- I have grade 12 physics and a slight interest in the subject but I wouldn't understand any technical mumbo jumbo about it. Would I be totally lost if I read your paper?

Oh, and watch the "Down the Rabbit Hole" version of "What the 'Bleep' do we know?". It's probably up your alley.

Jeremy K. said...

I watched every episode of the live action series, "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon," on Youtube. There's been a bit of a crackdown on this stuff lately, but for now it looks like you can still watch whole episodes there. Just type in "PGSM 1", "PGSM 2," ... etc. to get that episode number (you may have to watch them in parts, though).

As for the paper. . . there's a lot of heavy math in there. I'm not sure if you'd get anything out of it. I mentioned the paper could be found mostly so people could see for themselves that I'm actually published.

I'm hoping to sum up the paper in an upcoming blog entry, perhaps in the next week or two.

A.J. said...

Congratulations on the publishing good sir! And combining Micheal Jackson and The Ghostbusters seems like a fantastic idea. Whoever did this should be given a country.

Jeremy K. said...

I recommend Botswana. With its strong economy, abundant natural resources (diamonds and uranium), beautiful countryside, stable government, commitment to human rights and overburdened health care system, it's like South Africa's Canada.

Anonymous said...

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