Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Miyuu is an Angel in Disguise. . . LOOK INTO MY EYES!

Much as I love Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, I can still be honest about it. Like all children's shows, it is designed to sell toys. Most kids, at some level, understand that. However, for the slower, denser bunch, further measures may be neccessary. Thus, I present to you, courtesy of the Toei corporation, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon toy commericials, starring the unreasonably lovely Miyuu Sawai:

Sailor Moon Heart Moon Brooch and Moonlight Stick

Sailor Moon Makeup/Jewelery Set

Sailor Moon Henshin Phone

Sailor Moon Stationary Set

Sailor Moon Princess Harp

Sailor Moon Colouring Desk

Sailor Moon Henshin Dress-up

PLUS, act now and get these two pre-Sailor Moon Miyuu Sawai commercials absolutely free!


She said...

You really have a thing for this Miyuu chick, don'tcha?

Jeremy K. said...

How did you know...?

Hell, I figure since I've sabotaged so mamy relationships that actually did stand a chance, haivng a crush on someone truly unattainable would be a refreshing change of pace.

Naomi said...

Wow, to be a 6 year old girl in Japan.....

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