Monday, May 24, 2010

Update on Sailor Moon and Things

Hi Everyone,

It's now been one month and five days since the last piece of the Sailor Moon script was posted, and the next part is no-where near finished. So, instead of trying to rush things, and in the process present something that's not really all that good (which may have actually been the case with Part #4, given the lack of comments), I thought instead that I would give an update as to what's going on in my life in general, and to reassure you that Sailor Moon: The Movie Part #5 is slow coming, but it's a comin'.

First off. . .

1) What did everyone think of Lost finale?

Did you watch Lost? Did you start it, but give up on it near the middle of Season 3 like I almost did? Did you like the finale, or hate it?

Me? I liked it. (Warning: if you don't watch Lost, you would probably be better off skipping to part 2) Given all the questions that the show raised throughout it's six years, and the fact that it's grand narrative really wasn't planned from the beginning but was basically patched together at the end of third season once ABC and the producers decided upon a three year ending plan, I think the writers actually resolved quite a bit. True, much of this resolution came in the form of some pretty heavy-handed exposition, and involved a few elements that feel extracted from the creative rear end (The Island is now the source of all life, which we symbolise with this bright warm light which you must NEVER TOUCH or it will turn you into a smoke moster. . . or does it? WE HAVE SPOKEN!). And yes, I personally would have liked to have learned a bit more about what happened to the Island children, namely, Aaron, Ji Yeon, and that massive dangling plot thread, Walt. But still, as much of a cop-out as it is to say "they weren't going to explain EVERYTHING". . . well, they weren't, and they couldn't. Instead, they opted for an ending that yielded emotional closure, if not narrative closure. Almost everyone* got a happy ending (and I mean Disney happy), and the original motivation of the series-- getting everyone who is still alive and who still wants to leave off of The Island-- has been met.

*The absence of Michael from the finale is notable, given both those who DO return (Shannon and Boone?! Seriously?) and the presence of Ben, someone whose actions have been FAR more evil than Michael's. Something to chew on I guess. . .

Anyway, the reason I mention Lost is that during the final season I've realized just how much of my approach to Sailor Moon has been inspired by Lost. . . I won't specify as of yet, but as the script rolls on, those who have watched Lost will probably start to see the connections.

2) I'm convocating this week!

This Friday, May 28th, I will officially be a Master of Science. Okay, this isn't really news. Ever since I passed by thesis defence, you've all known that I'm going to be getting my master's degree. Still, this week it becomes official. The parchment will be in my hand. And with that out of the way. . .

3) I'm finally going to submit my Visa application to go to Japan.

After a full year of saving up money, learning Japanese, and waiting to recieve my degree, I will be submitting my working holiday visa application in June. Then, hopefully within that month, the application will be approved and I'll be off to Japan.

Obviously, going to Japan will have major ramifications for the script. For one, I'll actually be able to interact with Japanese people, which certainly helps when ninety percent of the characters in your screenplay are Japanese. Additionally, simply being in Tokyo will surely help the script come to life. Seeing the place, hearing it, hell, even smelling it, will be a great aide to my imagination, which until now has been the only thing I've relied upon for my writing. That, and more reruns of Sailor Moon S than any man should be allowed to consume in a given week.

And finally. . .

4) Sailor Moon: The Movie Part #5 IS COMING

. . . just not soon. I already said this, but I feel it needs to be stressed. I've seen many people start up blogs, or other projects, only to let them just peter away. If anyone is still reading this, I want you to know that I've not given up. . . I'm just trying to work through writers block. I'm eagerly await the day when the first draft is finished. . . so I can start up the second draft and fix up all the mistakes I made in the first draft.

Unitl next time. . .


k seymour said...

:) - I am just as confused by the finale of Lost as I was by the
every other season of this insanely addicting show.

Naomi said...

I never watched Lost, but for what it's worth, I thought convocation was really boring!

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