Friday, July 30, 2010

Earthquakes? In Japan?

It's true. I've been through earthquakes since I came to Tokyo. Not major, life-threatening earthquakes, or even lesser property-damaging earthqaukes, but minor vibrations in the ground, which I tend to notice while lying in bed.

Anyway. . . Much has been happening, and many photos have been taken, but I haven't been uploading them because the process is so tedious, eg. to upload a four minute YouTube video takes about three hours. Plus, I only have so much space available on my hard drive for photos and raw & edited movies. Sure, Akihabara is only a few kilometers away, but I still have trouble going to the damn convinience store, and buying something as simple as an overpriced alarm clock in Ginza* was a Byzantine liguistic experience. I can only imagine how hard it would be to buy an external hard drive.

Nonetheless, I do have a few updates. Here are a few pictures of Tabata neighborhood, where I live.

My house, at the very end:

A typical back street:

Meiji Street, near my house:

The sidewalk near Tabata station:

Finally, the tracks, my link to the rest of Tokyo:

I've done my fair share of sightseeing in Tokyo recently, but the pictures have yet to make it to my computer. The videos below were taken during one of my most recent trips, to Meiji Shrine. It was too much of a hassile to make one large video, so I broke it up into parts. Enjoy:

Finally, if anyone still cares, I'll be putting up a new Sailor Moon post pretty soon, mostly about how my experiences in Japan so far have caused me to rethink various aspects of the script. 'Til then!

*"Overpriced in Ginza" is likely redundant.


Naomi said...

Awesome, we're like earthquake pals. Don't worry,soon a huge earthquake will strike Victoria and send a loving tsunami your way....glad to see new pictures!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful footage. You are really getting better at panning with the camera. I only wish I was there to take some pictures with you in them. Can't wait to see your fuji pics.

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