Monday, December 12, 2011

Japanese Journal #5, wherein I reveal things you've known for years

『えいがかんに日本語がある』 十月十五日(土曜日)



  "Japanese at the movies" October 15th (Saturday)

   From time to time, my friends ask, "Jeremy, why are you studying Japanese?". My real reason is actually pretty dumb, so I usually say things like "Japanese culture is interesting" or "Japan is a beautiful country."
   However, the truth is I want to write. I'd like to write short stories and books and movie screenplays. More to the point. . . I want to write the "Sailor Moon" movie screenplay. Yeah, it's stupid-- I'm a 28 year old Canadian man. Nevertheless, I want to write the "Sailor Moon" movie.
   There's a weird story behind all of this. About 15 years ago, the "Sailor Moon" anime came to Canada. I-- along with a lot of other Canadian kids-- watched "Sailor Moon" and then pretty much forgot about it. But then, in 2006, thanks to The Internet I discovered the "Sailor Moon" tokusatsu (ed: tokusatsu is the name given to "Powers Rangers" style shows in Japan). In that TV show, schoolgirls dressed in sailor suits and donning colourful wigs (poorly) pretended that they were really fighting. It was amazing, and I enjoyed it.
   That same year, I enrolled in a literature class. There, I read a short story called "Yuukoku" (Patriotism). "Yuukoku" was written by right-wing Japanese author Yukio Mishima. Because of "Yuukoku", I became interested in the Japanese far-right. That's not to say that I like them, but I do find them fascinating.
    "Sailor Moon" and the Japanese right are a pretty strange combintion, no? In spite of this, in 2010 I began writing my screenplay. "Chpaters" from my screenplay can be found my blog, "" Nobody from Japan has read my screenplay yet. I'd like to know the opinion of a Japanese person. (Ed: Yes, I know exactly what this looks like. Shut up.) However, because it's a rough draft, the screenplay is still kind of bad. (Ed: See? See? It's not all shameless plug!).
   I hope to use Japanese in my screenplay; that's why I'm studying Japanese. However, Japan really is an interesting country, and I also do like Yukio Mishima. For those reasons (Ed: and more) I want to learn Japanese. (This was a bit too long, wasn't it?) (Ed: This was, in fact, my longest journal entry. . . and the one with the lowest mark). 

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