Saturday, December 3, 2011

Japanese Journals #2





My Translation:

  September 17th (Saturday)
Weather: Sunny

  Today, I went to Fort Geroge Park with (a group of) Japanese students. Because there were five students, we couldn't go together in my car. Therefore, three of them (lit: three people) went by bus. However, I didn't know where the bus stops at the park were, which was troublesome and embarrassing. (lit: Because I didn't know where the park's bus stops were, it was both troublesome and embarrassing)

 September 18th (Sunday)
Weather: Rainy

  At my Mom's office, we (me and Mom) were doing renovations. However, because Mom was using a saw, smoke was created and a fire alarm was activated. Firemen came.

Babelfish Translation: 

September 17th (Saturday) Weather: [re]  It went to the student and the fort George park of today and Japan. Because the student was five, it was and the [tsu] did and could not go to the [yo] by my car. Then, three people went by the bus. So, as for me the bus [te] of the park to be, to do the [chi], because and others it was not, the serious [te] expectation oak you applied.  September 18th (Sunday) Weather: Rain  As for us the [u] it did or the office of the mother. Because so, the mother used the saw, making the [ke] excessiveness, fire occasion the [tsu] it did the one [chi] coming. It did and the [yo] [u] [bo] [u] did and came.

Okay, Babelfish isn't funny anymore. It's just sad.

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