Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm So Vain. . .

. . . I probably think this link is about me.

Seriously, it's cool to be linked to by other website. I'm pretty sure the person who runs it has commented here before, yet somehow I only just discovered Aren't We Nerdy this past week. The site's premise involves listing- Jeff Foxowrthy style- all the various signs that a given person might, indeed, be nerdy.

Like being able to name all eleven Doctors from Dr. Who in a single breath.

Or being being the proud owner of a shirt that says "I only kiss sueprheroes."

Or splitting your days between preparing notes for an introductory physics course, writing the first draft of a live-action Sailor Moon screenplay, and figuring out ways to try and meet Miyuu Sawai. . . again.

So to get into the spirit of Aren't We Nerdy. . . even moreso. . . I thought I'd share yet another of the many nerdy ideas that bouce incessantly through my head. After all. . .

What is the most resilient parasite?
A virus?
An intestinal worm?
An idea?
Please. . . I'm talkin' 'bout Disco.

Resilient... highly contagious. Once disco has taken hold of the brain it's almost impossible to eradicate. Disco that is fully boogied - fully gotten-down - that sticks.

Disco hit its peak in the late 1970's-- coincidentally, this was an era that saw a massive resurgence in the popularity of science fiction. Star Wars. Superman. Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It was inevitable that unstoppable force of this sci-fi wave would collide with the immovable object that was disco fever.

The results of this collision were sublime.

So much so that I found myself thinking. . . this really needs to come back!

Hence. . . quite possibly the greatest idea I've ever had. . .


That's right. A fully funkified re-imagining of Hans Zimmer's original score to the film Inception. A groove that gets down not one, not two, but three levels of boogie.

Seriously, I have put way more thought and energy into this than anyone should, and I really need to get it out of my system. The whole thing has turned into a swirl of ideas, images and sounds in my head, so forigve me if what follows seems to lack cohesion more than usual:
- We open (yes. . . I even imagined a lame 70's style music video to go with it) with Inception's (in)famous closing shot of the perpetually spinning top. As we close in, the spinning top gradually morphs into a spinning disco ball, by means of effects that would make the chroma-key from William Shatner's Rocketman look sophisticated by comparison.

- We're on the disco floor. Dancing projections abound. We hear the sound of "Time", the final track of the Inception score, only. . . funkier. It's tempo is more upbeat. It's accompanied by snaring drums and waka-waka guitars1. The legendarily deep sounds of Zimmer's brass section have been replaced by the snazzy, jazzy, high-pitched horns of disco.

- Then, we hear the chorus-- one which I've never been able to get out of my head since it first appeared:

I'll dig myself right deep in your heaaaaart!
I'll dig right to the deepest paaaaaaart!

There's also a second part to the chorus, but it changes every time it pops into my head. The first part, however, is always consistent.

- After the first verse or two-- I've thought up lyrics, but never bothered to write them down-- we see Cobb, Eames, Arthur, and Saito strut onto the dance floor, their trademark upscale suits unbuttoned near the top. The crowd clears, and the quartet proceed to set the dance floor on fire in ways that John Travolta could only. . . ahem. . . "dream" of.

- Then. . . we go deeper. See, I imagined sturcturing the song the sam way that Nolan structured the film, as a set of nested songs. We'll go to the next "level" of groove, which basically amounts to another song- a discofied version of another one of Zimmer's original tracks. Then we go to the next level, and then. . .

- Limbo. A Deodato-esque surreal-groove rendition of "Waiting for a Train". Then. . .

- The Kick. A disco cover of "Non, Je ne Regrette Rien." (This isn't quite a disco version, but it's approriately campy).

- We go back up the levels, hearing the "kick" during each transition, until we're right back to the first song:

I'll dig myself right deep in your heaaaaart!
I'll dig right to the deepest paaaaaaart!

- And then we pull out from the disco ball. . . back to the spinning top. Back to reality. . . the dream is over.

OR IS IT?!?!?
And that's Disco Inception.

Whew. . . How did this start again?

Right! Aren't We Nerdy. Go there! Boogie Woogie Oogie, right now!

1) As you can see, I'm not the musician of the family.

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