Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Because One of You Asked For it!

I've created a new label, SM Script, for all script snippets posted to this blog. I've also posted links to every script snippet entry below, in chronological order from top to bottom:

I'm Actually Doing it!!

THIS is the best Tuxedo Kamen motivational poster parody I could find. . .

What Follows is Boring, but Neccessary

There's Something Here For All You Dawson's Creek Lovers Out There!

Flashes V for Victory! Every week a Fantastic Story! It's Hard to Think of Things That Rhyme With "V"! She is the One Named Sailor V!

There's One Place Where I Could Have Really Easily Made A "Cat Got Your Tongue?" Joke, but I Didn't, and I'm Proud of That.

Every Day I Get in the Queue. . . To Get on the Bus That Takes Me to You.

More Rei-cism

In the Cosmological Justice System, the Universe is Represented by Two Sepearte Yet Equally Important Groups. . . CHUNG CHUNG!

Just To Be Clear, Evolution Doesn't Really Work This Way

The Same Thing We Do Every Night, Pinky. . .

I Should Not Write the Sailor Moon Movie (but I'm going to anyway. . .)

What Follows is Again Boring, but Again Neccessary

Wherein I Parody the Entire Sailor Moon Franchise in Under Five Minutes!

Did I Mention That I'm Picturing George Takei as Dr. Tomoe?

Let the Fun Begin!

I'm trying to get one of these out per day.

Did You Know That the Actress Who Played Sailor Mars in PGSM was in Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift? Well, You Do Now!

Yeah, It's Three Days Later. Whatever.

These Are Getting Shorter and Shorter. . .

The Stuff of Legend

More First Draft Badness!

Insert Your Own Witty David Lynch Reference!

I hope I haven't given too much away. . .

Why is it That So Few Saturday Morning Cartoon Villains Have a Catchy Name for Their Lairs?

You Can Use Music from Sunshine to Make Anything Badass.

You Can Also Use Music from Inception to Make Anything Badass. . . But I Won't This Time.

The "Sunshine" Post Went Over Really Well With My Mom So Here's More Music I Like

Just in Time for Mother's Day: The Ongoing Soap Opera of People Who Technically Don't Have Mothers

Yes, I HAVE Injected Backroom City Politics into your Escapist Magical Shoujo Fantasy!

No, Makoto Don't Want no Scrubs. A Scrub is a Guy Who Can't Get No Love From She.

There's actually a major plot point here! Foreshadowing! Ooooh!

They Said the F-word in the Manga Too, Y'know.

If You Start Hearing "Eye of the Tiger" in Your Head as you Read This, Then You Have Missed The Point

More Important Foreshadowing. Trust me!

This may be the shortest script snippet yet.

I'm on a Boat!

Can You Believe I Only Just Now Started Watching Battlestar Galactica?

You know, one of the first films I remember seeing in theatres was Searching for Bobby Fisher. . .

Yeah. . this'll come WAY earlier in the second draft.

I couldn't just make up an African country that didn't sound really silly. . .

The Nuances of Japanese Job Interviews = Comic Gold!

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Naomi said...

Yes!! Thank you Jeremy!!! Now that I'm done my readings on Slavoj Zizek, I can move on to what's really important....catching up on Sailor Moon :)

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